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An AR World That is Our World

ARCore. ARKit. Snapchat. Perhaps something from Apple, finally? Augmented Reality is so exciting, but it needs to be an open ecosystem where the rules of the road are being written by the stakeholders, and not handed down from above, and where frictionless commerce is fostered and encouraged. This is why we decided to create the Walky Token.


The Walky Token

Walky Tokens are cryptocurrency tokens that you can mine by simply walking around and checking your phone!
Anyone can do it!


AR World

Think Pokemon Go was fun? Now you'll be able to find real crypto coins and tokens right around you using the latest AR technology.



Our ICO calendar will be up shortly, and we want everyone to be able to participate. Contact us to get an early start and get whitelisted for the pre-sale!


Play to Mine

No, you don't need high powered computers, shovels, or a huge electric bill. You just walk around and play an augmented reality game on your phone.


Mine to Play

The tokens you mine will be be currency in dozens of games right from the start, and we're already working with game publishers to add many more.


Play Together

The Walky Token is Social AR. You compete in the game, and cooperate to mine tokens so that no player or large miner can monopolize the blockchain.

The Walky Token is built by SurrealVR, Accelerated and Backed By:

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(503) 821-9329

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